Con%$^%tion Junction

Uh....what the fudge is going on with country music?

I know they're ones for Reinvention on occasion to try
and pump renewed interest into the genre, but...come on!

Of late, all I see is a certain biting lyric...a certain lip
service to more sultry endeavors.

It all started with Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue."

And then, overnight, it seemed a trend was born!

You're heard've seen it!
It really got obvious with Little Big Town's hit, "Motorboating."

Now we've got Lady Antebellum's
"Downtown," with more than just a little bit
of a 'wink and a nudge' going on!

(Here's a sample!)

"And I don't know why you don't take me down town
like you got anywhere better to be.
Talk it up and give me the go round round
like a good time tease."

Now, I certainly don't have a problem
with the male members (Ha! see that!)
of any of these three hot bands singing
edgy innuendo in their song lyrics.

But where might this all end?

I certainly am not up for a Taylor Swift song
called "My Goat Needs Milking."

I won't be able to handle my shit if I hear
Reba McIntyre come out with "I Need Some
Help From you Fillin' in My Soduku."

And it will be the living END if I see Charlie Daniels has
a new hit with "I'm Lookin' to Lay Down My Roll-a-Quarters
in a Hole-in-the-Wall Tonight!"

I'm just saying.